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Smart Ways To build your YouTube Page: Garnering followers and building subscriptions?

youtube subscriber

Every single minute of every single day, 300 hours of content are uploaded onto the media phenomenon is known as YouTube.

Everyone knows about YouTube, right? Amazingly, YouTube now has 1.3 billion users, each contributing to the five billion YouTube videos being watched daily.

YouTube is definitely a resource that you should tap into, especially if you want to bring subscribers to your page.

YouTube success doesn’t happen magically, so if you’re planning on building YouTube followers, you’ll need to execute some effective practices. I’ve crafted this guide to tell you about some ways that you can enjoy YouTube success.

To start, let me dispel a major myth: you aren’t going to make a lot of cash through ad revenue on YouTube.

Sure you can run some ads, but the way YouTube ad revenue works, you aren’t going to see more than a few thousand dollars per million views.

There are many ways to actually make money on YouTube, but that’s not what we’re doing here. This guide is here to tell you how to build your subscribers and views. How you make this work for you will be up to your discretion.

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